Tamie Beth


Tamie Beth recreated herself at age 41 when she once again picked up a paintbrush and began a journey that will never end. Admittedly self-taught, she’s taken a lesson here and there. Her medium has evolved from acrylic, pastel, and mixed media to her joy and passion which is oils. “I think oils have become somewhat of a dying art. It’s a fast-paced world and many artists can’t see the value in waiting the long periods it takes to complete a piece in oil, but I love the freedoms I find there.”

The owner and curator of Sparrows Gallery, Tamie has amassed a world of fine art from the finest artists. “I decided I wasn’t going to be pigeonholed into one genre in the gallery. All I care about is offering quality art—so style, medium, etcetera are all up for grabs. We have local, national, and international talent that meets high standards.”

Tom Bailey

Oil, Watercolor, Charcoal


Up until his death at age 94, Tom Bailey was still enjoying his trade! With a BA from Texas Tech, he had a career as a freelance illustrator from 1964-1989. “After that things really got interesting! I had originally wanted to be an architect but I couldn’t pass Algebra so I changed to art! I always wanted to paint though; just paint that perfect piece of art. I’m still trying, I love working in oils and trying something new each day.” Tom, your trials look pretty close to perfect! Tom spent from 1989 – 1993 traveling and painting in Mexico where he developed his unique loose style. Sparrows Gallery has a limited number of Tom Bailey’s final works for sale.

Mark Keathley

Oil, Acrylic

Mark Keathley (born 1963) grew up on the family cattle farm in East Texas and loved romping through the woods and across open fields. He spent most of his spare time outside chasing lizards, and trying to catch that illusive grand-daddy large mouth bass. It was here in this environment, where he first spied his mother’s oil painting box in the attic of his country home.

He had drawn pictures voraciously since age five, but the paints offered a new challenge that he thought he was up for at age eleven. After a very disappointing start, he didn’t give up, and continued trying, often painting well into the night as a teen. He later attended a small one man show put on for a friend in his college art class and saw, for the first time, someone selling artwork.

This was all it took. His renewed interest in painting and determination to learn more, kept him busy twelve to fourteen hours a day, six days a week, and within a year found that many folks were beginning to collect his work. “You’re so young!” they would say, for he was twenty or so, and his career had begun.

Debbie Beard

Handcrafted Jewelry
Debbie was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She’s had the joy of living in places far and wide from Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Germany, California, Washington and now residing in Texas. Her cultural experiences lead her to gain a wider world view which led her to become a lover of art, travel, interior design, antiques, jewelry and things of beauty in general. “I grade school I was introduced to some beads off my great grandmother’s lamp shade. Then it was seed beads, wooden beads, and wire work. It was a fun hobby at first.
Later, Debbie found she was attracted to semi-precious stones and creating original designs. It was “accidental love” which grew into a unique and compelling passion for her.  These days she can be found in her studio designing original handcrafted pieces using high-quality semi-precious stone, local agates, and Czech Glass handcrafted buttons. “My jewelry may even include a re-purposed jewelry piece from the past. Some of my designs have found homes as far away as Europe!

Marina Bjorkman

Acrylic, watercolor, mixed media

In one of those rare times of serendipity, the earth is blessed by the merging of two souls. Marina and her husband International artist, Frank Forsman embody a beautiful example of two very talented artists who respect and value the works of each person as individual. Marina’s ethereal figurative works speak volumes and enchant with their impressionistic style. Suddenly she flips a switch and works in texture on other pieces! Her playful insights do show the axis where she and Frank meet… and the world benefits from both!

Andrea Doss

Children's Book Illustrator, Acrylics, Oils

Working primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, Andrea attempts to capture the essence of a storybook. The characters she creates in her work are simple, but full of expression and adventure. Every piece has a story to go with it, like it’s the page ripped from a book.

Andrea Doss discovered that there were stories hiding in her paintbrus, and has been bringing them to life with her art ever since. In college, she studied English and art, and decided to spend her life doing what she loves: creating storybook art for children. Her work is collected world-wide, and can be found inspiring adventure in such places as children’s hospitals nation-wide, on movie and television sets, and on the pages of storybooks. Andrea lives in Paris, TX, with her husband, two daughters, and a one-eyed cat named Poe.

Shannon Cain

Bronze sculpture

Shannon Cain is a superb artist who uses the lost wax method of bronze work. His love of nature is depicted in each piece he creates. He studied his craft at the University of North Texas and while he learned traditional methods of art; his love fell to sculpture in general and bronze work in particular. An eye for detail and a love for his craft means the collector owns a rare piece of art to treasure for a lifetime.

Elaine Capers

Graphite, Pastels, Oil
Elaine has been an artist for over forty years. She was taught by her Aunt who was a landscape artist. Elaine says she asked her to paint a painting for her and was told, “No….but I’ll teach you how to paint one for yourself.” Thus started a love that is ongoing. Elaine has augmented her training with workshops over the years to remain current.  She loves the outdoors, traveling and taking photos. Melding those joys into her world of oil painting “fills my soul,” says Elaine.

Phyllis Elrod

Pastel, Oils

With a love for learning and a life that has enabled her to travel and live abroad, Phyliss has taken a childhood joy for art and turned it into a career. Her favorite forms of expression are pastel and oils and her subjects and usually nature inspired. “I”m constantly excited by a sunset, sunrise, flower, animal or some other scene. God’s world is so vast and full of everyday miracles. I keep a camera ready to record nature for future reference in my artwork.”

Frank Forsman

Acrylics, Mixed Media, Limited Edition Prints
Swedish artist, Frank Forsman has a gifted vision for the world. His contemporary style creates movement and life without weighing down the art. Having shown in multiple exhibitions in his native country and with a large show upcoming at “Culturen” in December 2016 we feel fortunate indeed to call him one of our gallery artists! He studied extensively for two years under the private tutelage of Aza Martensson for Acrylics and Portraiture and Marie Hektor for watercolors and Mixed Media.

David Hardy

35 MM Limited Edition Photography
David has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. His experience shows in the passion he puts into his fine art photography works. “I like to see how light interacts with a subject to create a scene.” Interviewing David gave us a unique chance to see into the soul of this artist, “I like to think of my photos as more than just pretty pictures. They’re a creation of what God has presented in front of me with my artistic imagination.”  David’s lens captures that beauty down to the ground!


Guandong Providence, China Oils Medium Artist

ChiJiaHe is an artist of International acclaim. His works have been exhibited in such places as the Wan Jiang National Library, Lin Nan National Art Academy and Hu Men Opium War National Museum. In 2017 he will be in XIth Florence Biennale in Italy and the Biennale Austria. He won the 1st prize for painting catalog in the 3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Argentina. He was a finalist in Premio Arte Rome in Rome, a finalist of the MtSV Annual Maritime Art Awards in Australia; nominated PLAM Art Award 2016 in Germany and so many more awards and International recognition that he is a Who-Who of the art world! His work is incomparable and this is one reason why, “I am the sun of nature earth, I wish the mountain green and the water clear forever. Suddenly my paint brush jumps into my thought. The passion around me…I love the elegant colors and the simple composition which is integrated in the fields and deep earth.”

Myke Irving

Acrylic Oils, Prisma Color Pencils, Charcoal

Myke Irving has an audience appeal and collectors that make seasoned veterans jealous! His ability to capture nature whether seaside or landscape, animals or the human form is nothing short of astounding; yet he may be best known for his ships and the eye to detail he imparts. Often working with a 00 brush he renders amazing details which bring clarity to his work. Myke’s public space murals have gained world renown as have his commission art pieces. He teaches his techniques in workshops to the delight of his many students.

Imy McCurley

Oils, Pastel, Graphite

Imy has been creating art since elementary school. She smiles as she recalls her first contest, “I was in elementary school and we had a drawing contest. I won first place and the prize was a book called The Golden Palette. It is a wonderful art book and still inspires me to this day. That was a long time ago too!” She laughs. Imy draws inspiration from her extensive travels both abroad and across the U.S. for the landscapes, she specializes in since the 1980s. Her love of photography also plays a part in helping to find the right composition for her artwork.

Pavel Moraguez

Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Charcoal

Pavel has artistic works of murals, sculptures and paintings on display in such notable spaces as Hotels, Community Centers, Jazz Club, Apartments, in villages and more! His works are in collections worldwide including, Cuba, Holland, Belgium, France, Canada and of course the US. Having trained in Cuba and the Surikov Art Institute of Moscow, his abilities and creativity will astound you!

Jim Pugh

Pottery, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Wood


Jim has been an artist all his life. After attending La College in Pineville LA where he studied graphic design, and a career in book design and printing he returned to college. At Austin Peay University, Clarksville, TN he received his BFA in studio arts with a concentration in ceramics and sculpture. Jim works in clay, watercolors, acrylics, and printmaking. His work has been exhibited in Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas. He works from his studio in Kingston, OK.

Mark Slaughter

Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Charcoal and Skittle Paint

Following in the footsteps of his famous Uncle William Slaughter (bluebonnet artist), Mark said he figured, “If I’m going to paint I might as well paint bluebonnets too!” And… tigers, cougars, barns and so much more! Such details and sometimes on such small canvas! Mark will confound as his philosophy is to make art from whatever is at hand. He’s been known to use bed sheets for canvas and cardboard for frames – which all becomes a masterpiece within his hands. Better collect his works before they become more valuable than Uncle William’s!

Alice McAnally Shelton


Alice’s most recent award of First Place for Excellence in Portraiture of the Animal World was certainly well deserved! Her ability to capture realism as well as the soul of the animals she portrays is uncanny. Her chosen medium is oils where her backgrounds are as creative as her subject matter. This artist has only one way to head – up as she is collected by the world at large!

Al Slavin

Oils, acrylics, digital art
Al Slavin has been painting since he was a boy living in Alaska. He was inspired by the, “Absolutely stunning, raw landscape.” He attended Texas A&M University to study Landscape Architecture as a means of improving his skills but it wasn’t until he met and trained under Dalhart Winberg that his talent truly bloomed. “My goal is to communicate emotions, feelings, and wonderment to the viewer. Painting to me is like magic…mystifying and fun. I will keep pushing my skills so that one day I can really capture that vision I see in my mind.”
Al loves to cook, dabble on the drums, brew beer and is a 2nd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do What a fun person to converse with!

Carey Stinson

Fine Art Photography
I am a Dallas-based photographer, drawn to the profession by the desire to capture meaning and beauty in everyday moments I love to tell stories through image and find the unusual amidst the ordinary, inspiring each of us to appreciate what we often overlook or take for granted. My fine art images serve as reminders that each of us is unique and surrounded by a life worthy of celebration and gratitude. 2018 winner of 1st place in two categories at the Texas State Fair.

Will Thomas

Pen & Ink, Marker & Acrylic
Willie is unabashedly self-taught. Inspired by his father, he has been creating his own unique, dynamic artwork style for over thirty years.  When asked about his unique style… “Art is something that can never be wrong as it is the perfection of imagination. I consider art to be a form of storytelling and my art is ultimately just that… a story.”
With thousands of drawings/works, Willie is both prolific and thoughtful of each piece in his portfolio. We’re the lucky recipients of his brilliant mind.

Steve Uriegas

Acrylic ``Angular Expressionism``

Texas native, Steve Uriegas, was born in the coastal city of Corpus Christi. It was noticed that he was naturally artistic at a very early age. He began as a self-taught pencil artist and spent most of his childhood drawing, taking influence from comic books, album cover art and the colorful decor of his Hispanic heritage. He elected art classes during grade school but did not pursue college and never had formal art training. He was an aspiring musician playing drums in marching band during junior high school and in several rock and roll bands from his teens into early adulthood in Dallas, Texas. He then realigned his natural born talent in the ever-growing computer era and worked in the graphic design industry for over 20 years. He worked as a graphic artist servicing a variety of trades, primarily helping to pioneer a unique form of geological illustrations in the oil and gas industry. Later, returning to his roots, he began to experiment with paints. His subject matter was inspired by conceptual interpretation, human observation and popular culture. Whether it was impressionistic, abstract, modern, or a mixture, his techniques varied using different approaches that seemed to greatly contrast and even contradict each other at times. Steve worked in a variety of mediums and styles but has recently focused his direct attention to his paintings done in a unique style he coins Angular Expressionism. Preferring the use of palette knives as opposed to brushes to achieve this, he harnessed this technique of work that has been described, by appreciators of art, as modern-day cubism. With the use of straight edges and a flamboyant sense of style, he’s proven to be a stand out in the Dallas art community showing his work in various group exhibitions and solo show.

Larry Wolfenbarger

Sculpture, Acrylics, Graphite
Larry has been involved in art as long as he can remember. In childhood he would draw on any blank surface in the house; not always appreciated by a Mom! His life has been has been punctuated by intense periods of drawing, painting or sculpting. Out of a growing sense of frustration cause by trying to “fit” a mold came his true calling. Once he let go and simply created whatever inspired him and fired his imagination the beauty began.
Since his uncle, a jazz guitarist  taught him to play the guitar he has been a big jazz fan. He is impressed by how good musicians can play improvisational music. The idea of “making it up as you go” appealed to him and has since been incorporated within his artwork. Diverse in subject matter yet tied together by his unique sense of style and eye to detail.